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SIDaster midi implementation chart

This section describes the Midi messages to the one SIDaster synth is responding.

Midi Notes

  • Note On and Note Off are supported forthe range C1 to #A7.
  • Note On “0 Velocity” messages are handled as Note Off (which is a specific case of Midi specification).
  • Memory of the last note pressed is maintained.
  • Patch management is handled through Midi keys C0 to bB0, see SIDaster Patch Data

Midi Control Changes

The following chart describes the Midi CC changes that the SIDaster responds to;

Format is: CC_decimal CC_Binary CC_Hex GM_name SIDaster_Assignment

CC(Dec)CC(Bin)CC(Hex)Midi Generic NameSIDaster Parameter
71117Channel Volume (formerly Main Volume)Master Volume
910019UndefinedSynth Mode
1010100APanLP Filter Mode
1110110BExpression ControllerBP Filter Mode
1211000CEffect Control 1Filter Cut
1311010DEffect Control 2Filter Res
1411100EUndefinedHP Filter Mode
1511110FUndefinedMaster Tuning
161000010General Purpose Controller 1C1 Waveform
171000111General Purpose Controller 2C1 Coarse
181001012General Purpose Controller 3C1 Fine
191001113General Purpose Controller 4C1 Duty
201010014UndefinedC1 Ring Modulation
211010115UndefinedC1 Sync with Channel 3
221011016UndefinedC1 Enveloppe Attack
231011117UndefinedC1 Enveloppe Decay
241100018UndefinedC1 Enveloppe Sustain
251100119UndefinedC1 Enveloppe Release
26110101AUndefinedC1 Filter Dry/Wet Output
3210000020LSB for Control 0 (Bank Select)C2 Waveform
3310000121LSB for Control 1 (Modulation Wheel or Lever)C2 Coarse
3410001022LSB for Control 2 (Breath Controller)C2 Fine
3510001123LSB for Control 3 (Undefined)C2 Duty
3610010024LSB for Control 4 (Foot Controller)C2 Ring
3710010125LSB for Control 5 (Portamento Time)C2 Sync
3810011026LSB for Control 6 (Data Entry)C2 Attack
3910011127LSB for Control 7 (Channel Volume, formerly Main Volume)C2 Decay
4010100028LSB for Control 8 (Balance)C2 Sustain
4110100129LSB for Control 9 (Undefined)C2 Release
421010102ALSB for Control 10 (Pan)C2Output
4811000030LSB for Control 16 (General Purpose Controller 1)C3 Wave
4911000131LSB for Control 17 (General Purpose Controller 2)C3 Coarse
5011001032LSB for Control 18 (General Purpose Controller 3)C3 Fine
5111001133LSB for Control 19 (General Purpose Controller 4)C3 Duty
5211010034LSB for Control 20 (Undefined)C3 Ring
5311010135LSB for Control 21 (Undefined)C3 Sync
5411011036LSB for Control 22 (Undefined)C3 Attack
5511011137LSB for Control 23 (Undefined)C3 Decay
5611100038LSB for Control 24 (Undefined)C3 Sustain
5711100139LSB for Control 25 (Undefined)C3 Release
581110103ALSB for Control 26 (Undefined)C3 Output

(otherwise stated, Cx stands for channel x)

To Do

  • Enhance channel Filtering
  • Update Midi engine to manage three concurrent Key press (up from two)
  • Add Pitch/Bend support
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