I See Signals. Anywhere.

Wavewatch is a browser based oscilloscope focused on user experience. Display is fullscreen, automaticall adapts to your screen size, with responsive GUI so that the main thing you look at is what you want to see. Signals.

Using Anywhere Visualise first Try It!
Wavewatch runs on any HTML5 capable browser, from your benchwork Personal Computer, up to your Tablet or mobile phone. It simply hooks the audio input of your device and displays input signal*. Monitor up to 2 channels independantly with all the time and amplitude features you'd expect from an oscilloscope. Notably, the responsive GUI provides channel management and a configurable triggering function allows to focus on signal events. Try Wavewatch on your device now or download the source on Gitlab for further use. It's Open Source so feel free to share or even embed on your website.

*developped using Processing P5JS and HTML5 Sound, tested on PC and Android Phone/Tablets with Firefox and Chrome.


Four Squares

Simple GUI

GUI is located on the four squares. One for each channel, one upper right Menu, and one bottom left Info button that also starts/stop triggering

Expand & Collapse

Responsive GUI

Menus expand and collapse on demand so that your primary vision is focused on signal.

Trigged !

Control your Trigger

Mouse triggering level selection with comprehensive A/B selection in main Menu.

Looking at a larger picture

Wide Display

The whole viewing enveloppe can be used for signal drawing.